Release notes

April 1st
2024-03-18 -> 2024-03-31


  • Improved onboarding flow and added a new sample 3D asset to experiment with in empty projects.
  • Fixed bugs affecting the scrolling of the Asset Browser.


  • Updated the search bar on to improve the relevancy of search results and include the Livelink.js Reference Docs.
  • Improved the UI for the navigation sidebar, the code snippet renderer and page content.


  • The physics engine now supports cylinder colliders.
  • New render graph parameter: BackgroundReflectionFactor controls how much of the background light is reflected from an object.
  • Fixed a bug in how we counted references to a mesh. The reference count could occasionally reach 0 when it shouldn’t causing the mesh to disappear. This has been fixed and there should be no more invisible meshes.
March 18th
2024-03-04 -> 2024-03-17
March 4th
2024-02-19 -> 2024-03-03
February 19th
2024-02-05 -> 2024-02-18
February 5th
2024-01-22 -> 2024-02-04
January 22nd
2024-01-08 -> 2024-01-21
January 8th
2024-01-01 -> 2024-01-07
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