Asset API

The Asset API is a REST API to interact with 3dverse Assets. It allows you to recreate most of the functionalities exposed in the 3dverse Console such as:

  • Uploading source files to 3dverse
  • Tracking conversions into Assets
  • CRUD operations on Assets
  • CRUD operations on Folders
  • Generating 3dverse Users and User Tokens

API Reference

NPM Library

We provide a TypeScript wrapper library to make typesafe API requests and get typed responses:

npm install @3dverse/api


All API calls require authenticating with an API Key, or in some cases with a User Token. Authentication requirements for each route are defined in the Reference documentation.

To generate an API key, use the 3dverse Console and send an api_key header with your API requests. Make sure you always keep your API key private (do not publish client side).

Alternatively, you can authenticate with a user_token. You’ll have to register a user, generate a token for the user and make sure the user has access to the Folder where the assets are stored.