HoloLens Viewer


From Microsoft Edge in your Hololens device, download the latest msix package and open it to install the 3dverse viewer application:

First Launch

Open the 3dverse viewer application, and upon launch, you will be prompted to grant microphone access to use voice commands. Then, from the sign in screen, click on the "Open Console" button as shown in the image below:

Shortly after initiating the process, Microsoft Edge will automatically launch, directing you to Once the page has opened within Microsoft Edge, you will have the opportunity to log in and access your account

After successfully signing in, you're free to either open a new scene or join an existing 3dverse session. The first time you attempt this, Microsoft Edge will prompt you to authorize the 3dverse viewer application to launch. For a smoother experience in future sessions, please select "Always allow" before clicking "Yes" to proceed.

Click the "Open Console" buttons just once each; after doing so, there's no need to do it again. Following this initial step, you can directly launch the 3dverse viewer application from

💡 Avoid using the sign-in and lobby features within the 3dverse viewer application itself, as these are no longer supported and maintained.

To learn more about using the viewer once you joined a 3dverse session, read “End user manual & voice commands” manual


If your 3dverse HoloLens viewer stops working unexpectedly, please return here to check for any available updates to install. If you have the latest version, trying the previous one might help. Importantly, make sure to first uninstall the 3dverse HoloLens viewer application before installing the latest version. This ensures a smooth update process and may fix any issues you're encountering.

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