Component nameComponent typeDescriptionDependencies
Animation Controlleranimation_controllerAnimation controller with reference to an animation graph and an animation set. Enables skeletal animation on its skinned mesh descendents whose skeleton is compatible with the animations in the animation set.
Box Geometrybox_geometryBox geometry.Transform
CameracameraVirtual camera.Transform
Capsule Geometrycapsule_geometryCapsule geometry.Transform
Character Controllercharacter_controllerCharacter controller used for movement constrained by collisions without having to deal with a rigid body. A character controller is kinematic, and so is not affected by forces. It uses its own tweaked collision algorithm to give a good feeling while controlling the character.Transform, Physics Material
Collision Geometry Referencecollision_geometry_refReference to a collision geometry.Transform, Physics Material
Culling Geometryculling_geometryCulling geometry. Add this component in addition to another geometry component (e.g. box geometry, sphere geometry, etc.) to enable culling geometry.Transform
Cylinder Geometrycylinder_geometryCylinder geometry.Transform
Namedebug_nameName of the entity.
Decal Projectordecal_projectorDecal Projector.Transform, Material Reference, Box Geometry
EnvironmentenvironmentThe environment of a scene. Used to give a scene a skybox.
JointjointBase component of all the other joint components (revolute_joint, etc.). By itself it will lock the orientations and distances of the constrainer and constrainee.
Transformlocal_transformLocal transform of the entity.
MaterialmaterialReferences a shader and specifies input values if needed.Mesh Reference
Material Referencematerial_refReference to a material.
Mesh Referencemesh_refReference to a mesh.Transform
Orthographic Lensorthographic_lensA lens that applies an orthographic projection.Camera
OverrideroverriderOverrides a given entity in a sub scene.
Perspective Lensperspective_lensA lens that applies a perspective projection.Camera
Physics Materialphysics_materialPhysics material which represents a set of physical surface properties.
Plane Geometryplane_geometryPlane geometry.Transform
Point Cloud Referencepoint_cloud_refReference to a point cloud.Transform
Lightpoint_lightA light with color and intensity. A point light by default, add a spot light component to add a cutoff. Can be parameterized to simulate the atmosphere sun.Transform
Reflection probereflection_probeOmni directional reflection probe parameters, used for local cubemap reflection generation.Transform, Box Geometry
Revolute Jointrevolute_jointRevolute joint which keeps the origins and x-axes of the frames together, and allows free rotation around this common axis.Joint
Rigid Bodyrigid_bodyRigid body parameters.Transform
Scene Referencescene_refReference to a scene.Transform
Script Elementscript_elementReferences a script and specifies input values if needed.
Script Mapscript_mapReferences multiple scripts.
Shadow castershadow_casterEnables a light to cast shadows.Light
Skeleton Referenceskeleton_refReference to a skeleton.Transform
Sound Referencesound_refReference to a sound.Transform
Sphere Geometrysphere_geometrySphere geometry.Transform
Spot Lightspot_lightAdds a cutoff to a point light to simulate a spot light.Light
Stereoscopic Perspective Lensstereoscopic_lensA lens that applies an off-center perspective projection.Camera
TagstagsTags used to filter entities.
Vehicle Controllervehicle_controllerVehicle Controller parameters.Transform
Volume Filtervolume_filterFiltering properties applied to the volume.
Volume Material Referencevolume_material_refReference to a material to use with a volume.Volume Reference
Volume Referencevolume_refReference to a volume made of voxels.Transform