SDK3DVerse 0.1.9

The 3DVerse software development tool kit (sdk) offers a javascript interface to quickly access the 3dverse platform functionnalities. It can be used to create your own real time rendering client application. From simple viewing capabilties to more complex edition features, create a client application adapted to your needs.

For white label site development refer to the separate API gateway documentation which provides a series of services to manage user, assets, workspaces and scenes.  


The sdk is composed of few main classes with their respective responsibilities :

  • webAPI
       SDK entry point to login and start or join a session.
  • SDK3DVerse
       SDK required functionalities to setup display and receive real time rendering data.
  • notifier
       Subscribes to available events.
  • engineAPI
       Handles actions on entities.
    • cameraAPI
         Handles viewports and camera controllers.